Green Alex's Wii U gamepad w/ Rpi3

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Green Alex
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Green Alex's Wii U gamepad w/ Rpi3

Post by Green Alex » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:29 am

Hello sudomoders !
Here's my version of the Wii U gamepad-Rpi3 with Recalbox inside !
Thanks to banjokazooie of course for inspiring (and more) a noob like me, but also to Iriemars, Marty33, Yaya, Flippy and I'm sure I forget some people...


As you can see, I achieved a few steps, but stil some work to do...

Plastic modifications = OK
Paint = OK
Inputs control with Teensy = OK
Screen position, and test = OK

Sound = Not yet
(Pam8403 amp, original Wii U speakers, 10kOhm pot)
Battery power = Not yet
(18650 battery x 2, TP4056 charging circuit with battery protection, Powerboost 1000 Basic)

And the big question, what to do with the Raspberry ?..
Most of the people modify it by removing usb, RJ45, etc. It's indeed very efficient... But I don't like to destroy Raspberries, and would like to keep it safe, and maybe put it in the back like Flippy's one ( I'm not sure, but I think I'll try to go this direction...

I'll have a few questions, but will need to make some more tests before...

Just one simple for today : do you use the original Wii U speakers ?
I tested it with the Pam8403 amp and the 10Kohm potentiometer but the sound was very bad and weak. I imagine I did something bad but can't find what. I'll spend some time on the forum to find a solution...

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Re: Green Alex's Wii U gamepad w/ Rpi3

Post by YaYa » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:25 pm

Hey thank you for mentioning me :D

Your sound problem should be related to you pot wiring. Verify your wires !
Do you use a 5 pin pot ?
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Re: Green Alex's Wii U gamepad w/ Rpi3

Post by IrieMars » Wed Oct 18, 2017 2:23 pm

"I'm helping"

Looking clean, and thanks for the shot out. As for your Pi, have you considered a PiZero? As for the speakers, I used the originals (or at least the one's that came in the shell I ordered) and to be honest I ended up using a amp with a built in POT. I tried using the black dial one Banjo used but got a really weak sound and no real control (I may have wired it incorrectly though). You could also skip the POT and use use hot keys to control the volume. Good luck and keep us posted.

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