Control your TV using The Force!

In this project I’ll show you how to build a gesture-controlled remote so you can turn on and control your TV using “The Force!” 

I partnered with Verizon for this video to show you from start to finish how to:

  • Wire up an IR receiver to a Feather M4 Express
  • Load some CircuitPython code that will print out what the IR receiver captures
  • Grab all the IR codes you need from your TV’s remote
  • Wire up an IR LED and APDS9960 gesture sensor
  • Drop your IR codes into another CircuitPython script
  • Assemble everything into a slick 3d-printed shell
  • Kick back and turn on The Mandalorian like a Jedi 😎

Check out my Techxperts episode below to see it in action!

Here are all the parts you need to make it:

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