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by J-Malice
Wed Oct 04, 2017 9:05 pm
Forum: Archived/Completed Sales
Topic: [NOT For Sale] mintyPi V2 PCB Combo & LCD (SOLD OUT)
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Re: [Preorder] mintyPi V2 PCB Combo & LCD (Open for Orders)

Still working on the first one, sound card is taking a while to arrive, but I had to buy this updated set while it's available. I guess someone will be getting a gift?
by J-Malice
Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:36 pm
Forum: Support (mintyPi)
Topic: White screen
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Re: White screen

Okay, I had a white screen issue, after having a myriad of other issues (all user error). It is definitely caused by bad solder points on the gpio. I only messed with a few points in order to fix this. The pins I resoldered between white screen and non whiute screen were: 5V SCK D/C 3.3V I can't per...
by J-Malice
Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:23 am
Forum: Show-off Corner (Game Boy Zero)
Topic: My latest pi3 Gameboy build
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Re: My latest pi3 Gameboy build

I love the look. Feels so classic. Are those buttons just pulled from a Snes controller or did you buy them separately?
by J-Malice
Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:01 am
Forum: General Project Chat
Topic: ICMF's Pi Zero in a custom case.
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Re: ICMF's Pi Zero in a custom case.

Just use some small metal weights to balance against the battery.
by J-Malice
Wed Jun 28, 2017 5:24 am
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Topic: 2017 1up gb pi
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Re: 2017 1up gb pi

7000 mah battery? I'm super interested in those specifics. Everyone else is saying 3000 mah.