Vertically oriented Pi interface?

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Vertically oriented Pi interface?

Post by arfink » Tue Feb 13, 2018 4:15 am

So, I'm planning to do a Pi build, but I am looking to do something different from the usual builds. I'm a massive Shmup nerd, and I want to play them in vertical/TATE mode. It sounds easy enough on the surface, but I'm curious about good screens that I can use which won't look like junk when turned 90 degrees, and also about how to configure an existing frontend to play nicely with a sideways screen. OTOH, I could always try to make a Wonderswan-esque layout, which would solve the frontend problem, but would still leave the issue of finding a screen that looks OK when turned on its side. Any thoughts on this issue?

Oh yeah, and since it's for shmups, I'm planning on harvesting an NGPC stick or printing a clone of it for the build. It should be much nicer than the other options for d-pads.

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