raspberry pi camera

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raspberry pi camera

Post by gamingbro » Wed Aug 12, 2020 7:36 am

ive been working on this project in which i use a raspberry pi 4 a noir camera and a pitif 2.8 display to make a touchscreen resistive camera ive seen people do it on adafruit but i wanted to make a better version so my goal was to ake it protable with a lipo battery , use a google drive apps t upload the photos to google drive and then i would add some video filters and if possible add some more storage (128 gigs atm) ut he only problem im having is find a lipo attery tha has a higher output than 3.7 thats enough of a output for a pie zero i tested it yesterday it seems to work fine if you could show me some examples of email me some lipo batterys witha good output it would be helpful or just some batterys that would work and a way to hook them up to a pi
with thanks gamerbro

also if you have any ideas on how to imprve this project it would be helpful

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