PiZero in an SNES Controller

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PiZero in an SNES Controller

Post by AustenFM » Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:23 am

I searched the forums and couldn't find if this had been shared, so forgive me if this is a duplicate!

I recently found a project on youtube using a raspberry pi zero in an SNES controller casing, with a small LiPo battery inside and an HDMI output cable replacing the original controller cable. Looked like a fun and easy build that would make for more a comfortable playing experience than hooking up a GameBoyZero to your TV. Here's a link to the original video for your viewing pleasure (embedding disabled unfortunately...) :

https://youtu.be/j5dXx0NhLxg?list=LLR3X ... pCuUNRnGmg


Now if only we could set up 2 player mode...~

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