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Waveshare Game Hat R2 / L2 buttons

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 6:37 am
by klopumpe
Update: I found out that there are some unused Pins on the Game Hat ( ... ual_en.pdf). I think there is the possibility to make some of them the R2 / L2 Button Inputs. But that i would have to configure some how in retropie. As I told my programming skills are nearly non existing. Any help on this side?

Hi there,
i got myself a Waveshare Game Hat for my RPi3+ and it's great for playing all the old games. Now i wanted to start some modding for my Handheld. In another threat i read how to replace the buttons and the analog stick, which i will do the next days. Now i want to know, if someone has experience in adding R2 and L2 buttons to this build. are there Pins for those buttons? Or do you have ideas how one could do this without a lot of programming skills?
Thanks for tips or experiences you made :)