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Ampersound - A DIY MP3 Player

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2020 11:19 am
by Ampersand
Ampersound is a DIY MP3 Player with capacitive touch controls, USB C charging, and a small built-in speaker.
It uses a Pro Micro to drive the controls and screen, and a DFPlayer mini for playback.
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All files can be found here:!AqMvwiYIMMtm6WrbG8I ... m?e=fL9FeX

It includes the arduino code; Eagle PCB library, schematics, and gerbers; STLs and Solidworks files for the case; the build guide; bill of materials; and some extras.

Feel free to modify/improve/expand anything provided here. I hope it helps someone get started with PCB design.
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This project is based on Neutrino-1's Soundpod project, which you can find here: ... P3-Player/