RaspStation 1

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RaspStation 1

Post by Dawilson123 » Tue Sep 17, 2019 4:16 pm

My new build is a PS1 with 4GB RPi 4B inside.

It uses 3D printed parts bought from eBay for the front controller ports, HDMi port, audio ports and power port as well as an infill for the CD laser and a cradle for the RPi and cooling fan.

It's a WIP - probably 90% complete.

What I've done so far is complete the case prep work.

I've modified the 3D printed parts for USB B power socket, headphone and microphone jacks and HDMI socket on the back and the USB controller ports on the front. Still need a little more fettling, but pretty much there.

I've also installed the RPi cradle, fan, power button mods, power distribution board and LED power light, albeit the latter moved when I was gluing it in place, so its cock-eyed. I'm going to be cutting out the glue and re-gluing it in place.

Basically the power button and power LED light works. The reset button doesn't and is glued in place.

The 2.5" HDD metal cradle is cut down to the minimum and part-screwed in place. Some super glue has got into the screw threads, so I'm going to remove the cradle and burn off the glue with a lighter (that should work, I hope) to clean up the threads so I can properly fix it in place.

I'm planning on installing a 320Gb HDD.

I've installed a microsd extender in the CD drive bay. It also has a micro USB port and push button switch, so I can access the HDD without having to open up the case.

Just waiting for the HDD to turn up then I'll finish putting it together.

Things to do:
1. Clean off super glue from HDD cradle threads and re-fit
2. Remove and re-glue power light
3. Install HDD
4. Install RPi
5. Cable management
6. Screw case together

I think it's at a point where you all get the idea of what the final build will look like so I've enclosed photos. (The case isn't screwed together, so I'm holding it from falling apart)

I should have it fully completed this weekend. I even have a repo USB playstation controller.
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Re: RaspStation 1

Post by Dawilson123 » Sat Sep 21, 2019 11:10 am

Pretty much complete... just waiting on a USB to sata adapter and a micro hdmi extension cable because I'm not happy with how tight the right-angle connector is in the port and that it's interfering with the USB C power connector.

PS I found out that not all USB cable manufacturers stick to the white is data+ and green is data- convention. One of my cables had these swapped!!
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Re: RaspStation 1

Post by Dawilson123 » Tue Oct 15, 2019 4:27 pm

All complete and working.

Sorted out the wiring so that the push button switch within the drive bay enables the hdd to be accessed externally from a pc using the microusb. I think it was because I hadn't grounded the ID wire on the microusb panel mount socket.

I added an ATXRaspi V3 on the power side to enable safe shutdown. The reset button now works too.

I got rid of the 2-port usb for the front connections as it wasn't playing nicely with the rpi. Instead I used seperate usb extenders.

I've included a photo of the revised internals.

Basically almost re-wired the whole lot.
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Re: RaspStation 1

Post by Kneesnap » Wed Nov 06, 2019 11:10 pm

That's pretty clean, I especially like the USB ports mimicking what the original controller ports looked like.

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