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Problem with scraping

Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2018 9:33 am
by otaola.franc

it is a little bit off topic as it is for portable station, but i though that maybe someone could help...
i having an issue when scrapping some games,

for example with GBA breath of fire 1 and breath of fire 2:

each time i scrape them there are two scenarios
first: non of them are scraped, i scrap them find the two of them scrape them and when i quit ES and re-enter only one of them is scraped.
second: one of them is scraped the other one no, i have for example BofF1 scraped , i scrap BofF2 and when i re open ES BofF1 loss all the information but the BofF2 is scraped; and i beging a loop that each time i have one or the other scraped.