Programming and testing the Teensy

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Programming and testing the Teensy

Post by KillFace » Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:40 pm

After searching all over I couldn't seem to find this info and I decided that others may have gotten stuck in the same boat. I really struggled to SUCCESSFULLY get the sketch that Wermy provided onto the Teensy. I deleted it and re-uploaded it 20 or 30 times with it not seeming to function. Finally it clicked! The Teensy had been programmed to read as a keyboard! So in order to successfully test the Teensy I removed my own keyboard, restarted my PC, plugged in the Teensy, opened up Notepad and sure enough, it saw the key presses. Again this may have been obvious to some but it drove me nuts and I hope to be able to save some one else the headache.

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