I am offering soldering services!

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I am offering soldering services!

Post by LilTrublMakr » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:12 am

Hey all!

I know there will be people that want to build a MintyPi but don't have soldering skills, or will solder the pi on backwards and don't really have a way to get it off without damaging either the pi or the MintyPi PCB, I am offering to help those people with a service.

I have asked the admins and they are allowing me to make this post.

If you would like any of these services, please PM me on here (preferred), or get with me on Discord.


I will solder the RaspberryPi to the main PCB, solder the speaker on and secure it down for shipping, solder the L&R PCB to the power board, and solder the headphone jack on (or bridge the pads if you do not want the headphone jack). I will also test all the connections for continuity. Basically, all you will have to do is put the kit together.

Price: $45 + return shipping

I will need: Main PCB, RaspberryPi Zero (w), power PCB, L&R button board, speaker, and headphone jack. I recommend shipping the whole set so that I may test that everything works.


Soldering the pi to the PCB and checking all connections for continuity:
I will solder the RaspberryPi to the PCB, check for continuity between all of the GPIO pins, and check them going to the test pads.

Price: $40 + return shipping

I will need: Main MintyPi PCB and the RaspberryPi Zero (w).


Unsoldering a pi, soldering it back on, and checking all connections for continuity:
I will unsolder the pi using a desoldering iron, solder it back on, check for continuity between all of the GPIO pins, and check them going to the test pads. In the off chance a pad is lifted, I will solder a piece of magnet wire from the pi to the corresponding test pad. Things will work as normal doing this and it won't affect anything cosmetically.

PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO REMOVE THE PI FROM THE PCB IF YOU ARE INEXPERIENCED IN DOING IT! I reserve the right to refuse service on a board if I believe you have damaged it significantly. I may also decide to charge an extra fee if there are lifted pads when I receive the item. I will confirm with you before doing any work on the board. Read the disclaimer below for more info.

Price: $65 + return shipping

I will need: The main MintyPi PCB and the RaspberryPi (that should be soldered on already...).


For those that received their kit before April 2019, there are a few things that are messed up wit the PCBs. First, the screen was not fabbed correctly and may have loose connections. Additionally, the charging LED that was put on the boards have a different pinout than originally designed and therefore will not work as intended. And finally, the dualfet chip that was put on is incorrect.

If you want to try to fix these yourself, you can find more information here.

If you would like me to do it, I am offering to fix all of these problems and test everything for the return shipping.

Price: Return shipping

I will need: The MintyPi Kit (Power board, main board, screen, ribbon cable, wiring harness)


Full MintyPi V3:
In the future, when Helder has a consistent stock of kits, I will provide services for a full kit, ready to be played. I am not offering this now because he has a lot on his plate and does not need the added stress of me pestering him for more orders.

Price: $325 + shipping

This will include the following:
-Laser cut tin of your choosing based on Helder's stock. If you want a different tin or to send me your own, please let me know and we can discuss pricing. If you send me your own, it will not be laser cut but hand done by hand by me.
-MintyPi v3 PCB kit from Helder
-Custom 2200mAh MintyPi battery from Helder
-Single color 3D printed parts from Wermy. If you would like a multicolor print, please add $10 to the final order.
-Silicone buttons from Wermy
-RaspberryPi Zero W from Adafruit
-16GB SanDisk Ultra microSD card. If you would like a larger size, please let me know. I will add the difference between the cost of a 16GB and the size you want. I will also need your WiFi information so I can add it before it becomes a complicated process.
-My services of sourcing, shipping, and assembling the kit.

I WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY ROMS (GAMES) UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE! You have to find them. Google is your friend.


PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANYTHING IN AN ENVELOPE (PADDED OR NOT)! I highly recommend sending everything in a small box. This will protect everything more from package carriers "exceptional handling". If you are in the US, I recommend picking up a small flat rate box from the post office and using one of those.

Return shipping will be $8 inside the US via USPS Priority Mail (using a small flat rate box). It should be 2-3 business days once shipped. Tracking will be included.
If you are shipping internationally, please send anything other than the battery (things become a pain when you ship batteries). Any duties / VAT will be your responsibility. I will also charge for the additional shipping.

DISCLAIMER: I will be recording me working on your product from the time I open the box, to the time I seal the box to ship back. This is to protect myself from someone saying that I damaged their MintyPi if someone sends me something that is extremely messed up beyond repair (because sadly, there will be people that will try and do that. If that is your intent, please, just don't). I do reserve the right to refuse service at my discretion for any reason. If this is the case, I will refund you for the service minus shipping and return your item to you. I am also not responsible if things get lost in transportation. I can't control the parcel services.
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Re: I am offering soldering services!

Post by infinitLoop » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:59 am

those seem like great deals!

so... 25(ish) bucks to make sure it's right, or 45(ish) bucks to undo your screw ups and set it straight. not bad at all.

i was pretty confident, then i watched wermy's build video and got less-so. there seems like a lot of stuff that could go wrong for inexperienced builders.. .not that i know any :roll: it's good to know there's an "undo" option out there to take some of that stress off!

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Re: I am offering soldering services!

Post by brodyhaymond » Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:30 pm

That sounds great! I sent you a DM, but it is in my Outbox.

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