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Post by wermy » Wed May 04, 2016 6:47 pm

  • Use tags: [FOR SALE], [FOR TRADE], [WANTED]
  • Items that are clear ripoffs of other people's work will be removed and possibly result in a ban. This can be a gray area because sometimes there are only so many ways to make something, but there are some cases, especially with PCBs, where it's pretty easy and clear to see when someones work has been copied verbatim.
  • If you are selling a single item (like a completed Game Boy Zero), update the thread title with a [SOLD] tag so that a mod can lock it
  • Only one thread per sale/want (in other words don't keep posting the same thing or group or things if it doesn't sell the first time)
  • Do not share personal contact info in threads, do that through PM
  • Nobody is responsible for anything that happens during a transaction except the two parties actually doing the selling/trading/buying. sudomod is not responsible for any sales/trades that go awry. Buy/sell/trade here at your own risk!
  • Be nice! There is no need to reply to a thread with sarcasm, e.g "good luck selling that at that price." Contact the seller directly if you think it's overpriced or have other such concerns.
  • If you have a legitimate concern about a post (if it looks like a scam, for example), report the post/topic to a moderator using the exclamation mark button on the post.

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Post by jonlimitless » Mon Aug 01, 2016 3:48 pm

Additional Information for PayPal Users -
(Friendly information for the public from a PayPal user/developer for 10+ years, take it as you please but hopefully it helps.)

For those taking orders through PayPal -

There are a couple of things to keep in mind while selling online that you need to be aware of and some options to make life easier.

1. Charge backs, the action in which a user who sends money can then open a case stating they want their money back for x, y and z. If you are concerned or have a high cost, I would highly suggest only taking money from verified accounts and money transfers marked as sales. This does not protect you 100% but does help your case to keep the money when you include processing shipments and transactions have their address listed.

2. Additional Fees, with all online money there are fees involved especially transactions in different countries. You can find out the exact information on the PayPal website since they change fairly often in certain areas and the exact rules. Keep in mind these costs when people are sending you money, sometimes they pay and sometimes they don't so say what you want to happen.

3. If your really strapped and know the person well, you can always receive money through a simple transfer, even the 'friends and family' portion option depending will give you both no fees. Keep in mind, that it is not good if it was credit card fraud as the charge back system you would surely not win a fight on it.

4., this is a service/website that PayPal created to have a simple way to share/donate money and is pretty cool for those wanting a quick transaction as a seller plus it gives you a cool url that you can pass along instead of giving out your email address.

4. PayPal Buttons, there are plenty of tutorials out there and it is simple to use overall. Set standard prices per products and place the code directly to the threads just like Wermy the awesome does. This is one of the most old forms of payment through PayPal and you have find thousands of tutorials on how to set everything up, so google it.

For those processing shipments -

I would suggest to use shipment calculators that most companies provide online. I will list some of the common ones that I know but always ask the shipment vendors if they have a calculation tool. Last thing you want is to have to pay the whole cost of a part in shipping alone.

FedEx -

Keep in mind some general rules of business.
- The customer is not always right and in most cases they aren't but your goal is to make them feel like they are while taking care of YOU first.
- Being nice and giving things out is great, but don't go without cause you keep offering stuff for less than what it costs. We all get you have to make a buck for your time and effort, so you be the adult and add that to the price.
- You do not have to do anything you don't want too, if people are harassing you for a deal or call you poo cause you wouldn't give them something.. well who cares they'll probably get banned soon but doubt we have any of those people here. :)


For those purchasing or trade -

- Your word is your bond, keep it that way otherwise no one will want to help you. Plus if you need help or don't understand something after searching, ask for assistance.
- Keep logs of everything you do for trading to purchasing things, don't assume people are cheating you but if a couple days go by with no update send them a friendly message and remember most of us are busy people.

Hope this helps if approved, I help/run a lot of online businesses for clients and thought this was some decent information to help others.

- JonLimitless

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