Troubleshooting BW Screen

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Troubleshooting BW Screen

Post by brill » Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:43 am

Hi peeps,

I'm looking for help on getting a BW screen to work - I've followed the different guides and can't seem to get the thing to power on which points to:
  • 1. It doesn't work
    2. I'm doing something wrong
I'm new to soldering and electronics so No2 is likely. :)

Its an Amazon UK bought screen from BW corp. Looks the same as revision 4. (Image of mine attached).
Just noticed the image didnt get added - will add it in when home later :oops:

Soldered wires to pi GPIO ,and TV and ground pins - got nothing. (
As box says supply 9v -36v - I resoldered the original connector back on and plugged in a 9v power supply I had lying around - nada.

Checked both connections with multimeter when powered up and was getting 5.3 or so hooked up to Pi and 9.2 or so hooked up to power supply. Multimeter was applied to where wires connected to LCD board.

Is there anything else I can try? Or does it sound like the screen is goosed?


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