Laser Cutting Case

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Laser Cutting Case

Post by arbinshire » Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:46 pm

I've had a couple game boy zero builds, and the one common thing between all of them was the screen surround. It came out crappy. Every time. Rough edges. Each one looked like a hack job. I considered one of the CNC cases, but the backlog on that is significant, and I wanted to be cheap. Since I already had a K40 laser running K-40 whisperer, I created an svg of the cutout shape I wanted. I purposely made it a touch smaller to account for the laser width, and allow for some minor shaving.

Attached is the result. I ran two passes at 20 mm/s with 100% laser output with the gameboy face-up. I had to break the piece of since I ran the laser so fast that it cut only about 95% of the way through. The picture below is without anything being sanded or cleaned up in any way. A little sanding and it will look like it came that way.

The SVG I used for K40 Whisperer is here.

I'll be creating a second version that has the additional buttons in a normal position when I have a moment. For now, the below makes me quite happy.
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