French newbie GBz : Midi & BOM

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French newbie GBz : Midi & BOM

Post by ZeddBlock » Thu Jul 25, 2019 2:30 am

Hi everyone !

Firstly, please, forgive my English... Indeed, i'm a french student in geology, and I'm 26 years old. I've always liked DIY, retro gaming, music, and many other things. It's the best forum and the most responsive I found about GBZ. I know how to solder, i have a solder station, a dremel, wiring...
I don't know if i'm really in the good section, tell me if there is a problem :)

I have a project to build a Gameboy Zero, i have 2 RPi Zero a home (one with wifi, ont without). Like i said before, I'm a student, so it must be cheap, I'll buy most parts in China. I have some questions :
- Is it possible to add midi IN / OUT (i don't know really how), to make like Arduino Boy ? In order to use LSDj or mGB ?
- I wanna add two RCA (cinch) out, usb, something like ... 1fccb4db7f, and replace jack by 2 RCA ?
- And, here is my BOM with a little description, to know if i understood everything well, and if nothing is missing.

- Case, glass, buttons, rubber ( ... 3c00SQl6oN & ... 3c00SQl6oN)
- Screen ( ... 3c00SQl6oN)
- Tactiles buttons (L & R ( ... 6b18ec7449) ent ON/OFF ... 3c00SQl6oN)
- Atmega 32u4 (as USB controller ( ... 3c00SQl6oN))
- Charger and 5v BOOST ( ... 3c00SQl6oN)
- AMP ( ... 3c00SQl6oN)
- Wheel pot' volume ( ... 3c00SQl6oN)
- PCB for Buttons ( ... 3c00SQl6oN), linked to the Atmega
- 2x lipo 3000mah 3.7v ( ... 3312f39f03)
- Speaker ( ... 3bb077ad16)
- Maybe an arduino nano, for midi in and out...

I have a 3D printer, so i'll print L & R support, and Screen support.

Thanks Everyone, and have a nice day ! (I wanna pass my order tomorrow, because i'll have few holidays August 12 !)


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Re: French newbie GBz : Midi & BOM

Post by mstr » Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:07 am

Have you found an answer for this? Also, do you know if we can hook up a keyboard to LSDJ through a GBz? LSDJ has that functionality, but I want to be able to do that on a GBz.

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