Stripped my second screw, getting frustrated! Advice please!

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Stripped my second screw, getting frustrated! Advice please!

Post by trangtrainam » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:43 pm

So I have two cases. I have a 3D printed board, and an original dmg-01. I bought the 3D printed case from hand held legends and Im using it as practice for cutting into the plastic/hot glue before working on the real deal.

I was just playing with the 3D printed case with the new screws it came with, wanted to see how the buttons felt on my tinkerBOY v2.1.01 AIO board. and one of the four screws got stripped into the screw post. I noticed on the front of the case, that there was a small light mark, so I could see that the screw was slightly penetrating the front of the case. Another screw did the same thing, but I was able to get it out of the post. So i have a feeling that the screw was starting to bite into the plastic. Luckily I was able to get help from my pops, and he worked his magic. Drilled it out and bit off the screw post off with some pliers. tinkerBOY AIO saved!

I noticed however, the 3D printed plastic is very soft compared to the original DMG case. Literally could peel off some plastic just by scraping my nails on the board. So next time I'll just have to be careful how hard I screw in the screws so it doesn't become embedded in the plastic. I mean I wasn't tightening it to death or anything, just enough so it was secure and snug.

On a different occasion, I stripped a screw on the DMG, but i'm pretty sure, it was just from using an old screw. Not a big deal, it was on the screw post that I have to remove anyways(its the screw post that is replaced with wermy's screw bracket)/

So I'm thinking of what I should do is to first buy all new screws. Second be careful of how tight I screw in the screws. Or I guess im just gunna take it as that the gameboys really aren't meant for screwing and unscrewing? Any advice?

Im using standard precision screwdrivers, I don't screw in at an angle, and I always start with a bigger screw head first.

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