Prize Parts - New GBZ - Need help too...

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Prize Parts - New GBZ - Need help too...

Post by Xero » Mon May 14, 2018 9:49 am

Hi all,

Thanks again to everyone who put forward for the competition, which as a result, I won a nice starting point for a new GBZ but I need to now gather the remaining parts and unsure where to start!

So I have:

Screen + Glass
Screen Bracket + Button Bracket
R+L Buttons + Bracket
Cambles Safe Shutdown (1.2)
Battery (Dex)
TinkerBoy V2.0


What else do I need?

USB ports? Micro and normal?

3D printed parts? Suggestions?

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Re: Prize Parts - New GBZ - Need help too...

Post by RxBrad » Tue May 15, 2018 12:21 pm

Not sure where you stand on tools, but you honestly have almost everything you need for a working Gameboy Zero.

Looks like you need a common ground PCB button board. Depending on which one you pick (whether or not it had onboard audio), you may need parts for a PWM audio circuit or a USB soundcard. Then you'll also want a headphone jack & a volume wheel. And get some silicone-insulated wire.

Check the wiki... That's plan #1.

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Re: Prize Parts - New GBZ - Need help too...

Post by CrogDog » Tue May 15, 2018 3:51 pm

I think with the Tinkerboy 2.0 he should have the button pcb and the audio stuff out of the way. I just used a TB 2.0 on a GBZ I built as a gift for my brother, it was really easy to work with. TB has a retropie image on his site you can download too with all the buttons already set up for GPIO. I think you'll need a charge circuit for it, I used the Adafruit 1000c in the two GBZ's I've built, but I've heard the Banggood one is good and it's quite a lot cheaper. I'm not sure which safe shutdown you got but I think Camble makes a version for both. Congratz on winning the giveaway! :mrgreen:

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Re: Prize Parts - New GBZ - Need help too...

Post by MegaLoop » Thu May 17, 2018 8:12 am

With that screen bracket, you will end up needing to hot glue or make something else to hold everything in proper locations. I used a piece of thin clear poly-carbonate sheeting in my build(Makralon 1mm/.040"). Drilled and tapped, held M2 thread securely.

Alternatively you could print a new bracket:
TB suggested this to me, seems the quickest route. Maybe there are other options out there, but I'm not familiar.

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Re: Prize Parts - New GBZ - Need help too...

Post by tinkerBOY » Thu May 17, 2018 9:01 pm

Here are links to guides to get you started with the tinkerBOY v2.0:
Wiring Guide for Game Boy Controller v2.0
RetroPie SDCard Image with Built-in GPIO Controller Support
Game Boy Zero Controllers available @
* tinkerBOY Controller v3.0 - built-in usb controller, usb audio, and usb hub
* tinkerBOY Controller v2.0 - GPIO buttons and builtin PWM Audio and Amplifier
* tinkerBOY Controller v1.1 - simple pcb button
* DPI Adapter - better display for GBZ
* keyboard converters - IBM XT/AT Soarer's Converter | ADB to USB Converter

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