Gameboy Zero Build

Show off your completed Game Boy Zero, or post your build logs here!
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Gameboy Zero Build

Post by phcreery » Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:11 am

Here is my first GBZ build!

Reddit/Video Post: ... boy_build/

Project list:
strdr-retropie-gb_4x3.jpg (74.53 KiB) Viewed 622 times

  • The 3.5 LCD from Amazon: ... BADCW1J29V with the 5v mod gets a little bit hot (& assumably draws more current)
    Afterward, I realized that Tinkerboys DPI adapter seats the Pi the exact way I wanted it and allows GPIO breakout (the main reason I opted for custom built 3.5 composite LCD) so next build I am definitely going to use that. (It is also much better resolution since the small text is kinda hard to read on the 3.5" composite screen.)
  • The generic Li-ion battery charger was later replaced with an Adafruit Powerboost 1000c. The micro USB port if off a Micro USB OTG y-cable ... 00EJP5XR2/
  • The single 1500mAh battery was replaced with 3 1000mAh Li-ion phone batteries in parallel to create 3000mAh.
  • I know, I don't have a safe shutdown switch and I'm currently working on it. If anyone knows a cheap method, comment it below!

PS. The only glue is on the Hot Glue on the 3D print holder of the LCD and the switch.
Edit: Added WIFI config script source code
IMG_20190615_115702.jpg (2.29 MiB) Viewed 622 times
IMG_20190615_115645.jpg (2.41 MiB) Viewed 622 times
IMG_20190615_115639.jpg (1.86 MiB) Viewed 622 times
IMG_20190615_115627.jpg (2.01 MiB) Viewed 622 times
IMG_20190615_091343.jpg (2.41 MiB) Viewed 622 times
IMG_20190505_185830.jpg (2.72 MiB) Viewed 622 times
IMG_20190505_093417.jpg (3.07 MiB) Viewed 622 times
IMG_20190413_080411.jpg (3.14 MiB) Viewed 622 times
IMG_20190413_080356.jpg (3.2 MiB) Viewed 622 times
IMG_20190413_080353.jpg (3.64 MiB) Viewed 622 times
IMG_20190413_080340.jpg (3.79 MiB) Viewed 622 times
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Re: Gameboy Zero Build

Post by nexus23k » Sat Jun 15, 2019 5:44 pm

Looking good so far! Jeah, the screen is not so good. Used the same in one build and the different to a Hdmi screen is giant!
Use a small micro on-off switch: ... Sw8SpbCMfk

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