Kite's Circuit Sword - Kodi Navigation

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Re: Kite's Circuit Sword - Kodi Navigation

Post by JonnyT » Tue Mar 26, 2019 5:19 am

So I managed to get this sorted in the end, but to do it properly I needed an HDMI cable out to a TV (to see the dialogue boxes properly) and a mouse plugged into the USB port of the Game Boy Zero.

Once in Kodi, if you press “Select” and “Start” at the same time it comes up with a message about detecting a new input device along with an option to click on to take you to the input selection menu.

You can then use the mouse to click on the option to take you to the input settings. In there was an Xbox controller and a SNES controller to chose from. I chose the SNES one using the mouse and was then able to map the d-pad and buttons in the SNES controller set up section.

After that I’ve been able to navigate around Kodi with ease on my game boy.

Thanks to all for your help on this. I’m super-chuffed to get this up and running. Love my GBZ!

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