Video Splashscreen causes SPI screen to stop responding

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Video Splashscreen causes SPI screen to stop responding

Post by infinitLoop » Wed Jul 03, 2019 2:46 pm

I have an issue with Retropie 4.4 where, when I have an SPI screen configured, and I try to set up a video splashscreen (I just can't get enough of this classic one - the gameboy "ding" is a pure shot of nostalgia every time), the screen just stops responding when it goes to load the video. You can see the startup logs briefly, but then it just goes black. On Retropie 4.3, I was able to get it working, but not 4.4.

Looking around the web, it seems people just disable the splashscreen to "fix" it (I think this was in the FreePlayZero forums, maybe).

Has anyone found a fix for this on 4.4?

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