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Wiring diagram software options

Posted: Sun Jun 17, 2018 1:39 am
by crto
Hey all:)

I waiting to get all the parts for my GBZ build. Before I get all the parts I'd like to prepare a wiring diagram plan, So I'm ready when all the parts arrive.

So the question is, do any of you have any good recommendations for good wiring diagram drawing software (that would also have custom components that are being used for GBZ projects). I know Fritzing, have used it before on some of my projects. But would like to see what are the alternatives you are using.

I'm especially interested in diagram's like winnetouch's diagram for safe shutdown diagram. Is there any way all these components being sold/used for GBZ would be available in any the diagram drawing programs. I know Fritzing has a user created content sharing.

Anyway very interested to see what others are using. :)