New members, introduce yourself!

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Re: New members, introduce yourself!

Post by Konek » Mon Jul 15, 2019 4:30 pm

Hi everyone,

Signed up after discovered Helder's retroPSU on Youtube and purchased 2. Alway wanted to build a multipurpose portable hand held that can do everything but keep delaying it as lack of good battery charge/play board (75% done). This forum got so much informations make my head spin reading and now see so many features wanted to add don't think can finish anytime soon.


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Re: New members, introduce yourself!

Post by GigaCat » Mon Jul 29, 2019 11:43 am


I'm a tinkerer by nature, so when this new-fangled (at the time) "Raspberry Pi 3" caught my glance, I couldn't help but indulge. I then went on to learn about the Game Boy Zero approximately a year ago, but never quite pulled the trigger until last month. Now that I have, the itch is far too real, and now I want to put a Raspberry Pi in eeeeeeverything.

I'm definitely going to be around awhile, and you guys will see all my neat creations and failures. I genuinely enjoy reading up on others' projects, so I'm looking forward to you guys' works, too.

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Re: New members, introduce yourself!

Post by Rickdredd » Mon Aug 05, 2019 8:22 pm

Hello everyone!
Name is Rick. I was formally a signal support specialist (radio's, networking, and computers) in the US Army. I was discharged due to medical issues in 2014 and now I am a stay at home father. I just found out about Raspberry Pi's and having a blast tinkering with them. So far I am awaiting parts for my first GameBoy Zero build but I will be either putting a 3B+ or 3A+ in it. Unfortunately, I didn't do a lot of research before purchasing my kit and wasn't really sure of the setup I wanted. So now I am left to figure out I am also working on creating a PiHole for network traffic in my house.

Looking forward to talking to y'all and learning all I can through both successes and failures.

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Re: New members, introduce yourself!

Post by Liathou » Fri Aug 23, 2019 7:02 am

Hi, I feel I should introduce myself, since I already asked a question or two on this forum.

My name is Sebastien, I'm 36, and I live in the suburbs, south from Paris. I work in web development, and I've been kind of a geek most of my life.
I had the original Gameboy back when I was a kid, and still have it. It still turns on, but the screen quickly fades away, even with fully charged batteries. I'm not good with repairing things, so I figured I should do a Google search. I quickly found the word "Gameboy Zero", looked about it, found in love, and thought I should give it a try. One day I'll be able to repair my old Gameboy.
So here I am. Currently waiting for the final piece to come in the mail, and I will be able to finish my project. Can't wait !
French builder !

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Re: New members, introduce yourself!

Post by Muddybro » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:46 am

I'm Muddy. I am a 26 year old vet tech from New England. Some of my hobbies include cycling, animals (of all kinds), video games (mostly PC, some Switch, some retro), and crafting (cross stitching right now).
I'm currently working on a Minty Pi, which is my first project of this nature. It's been a lot of fun! Looking forward to learning more about this hobby.

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