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Hi New member

Post by big F » Sat Sep 29, 2018 1:47 am

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say how great this little community is.
There is so much impartial information and people here who want to help.

A bit about me.
Im old enough to remember the 80's the first time round. I am an avid retro collector of stuff.
Background in IT, im an IT systems engineer, but used to be an electromechanical engineer.

Shock horror I used to work for Nintendo back in the day, working in a section that delt with customer repairs and warranty claims. I stripped Gameboys, Snes, and Nes, and eaither referbed them or just replaced the broken parts.

Back then I knew these were special little things.
Its nice to be back with the insides of Gameboys after all these years, it all so familiar :)

Built a few retro pi installs in stuff but as yet not got round to putting one in a GB chassis. I do a fair bit of modfing on XBox's both OG and newer, so looks like The Nintendo range is next on my list.

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Silicone tactile switches

Post by Mikawal » Mon May 20, 2019 7:07 pm

where can i find some silicone thats for aquatic use so i can build my sump and refugium i went to lowes but im not sure you can use regular bath/tile/plumbing silicone can ya let me know please

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