failed a driving exam. how many attempts did you take to pass?

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failed a driving exam. how many attempts did you take to pass?

Post by Hapa » Wed Jun 26, 2019 6:25 am


So, I am getting totally fed up of these driving tests, I have now failed 3 times!

1st time, I was all in a panic so decided to stop before the end of the test.
2nd time, I failed for lane discipline, because I cut a corner (oops)
3rd time, I failed for touching the curb whilst reversing around a corner. (But whether or not the examiner should have been asking me to do that maneuver in the road he did is very, very questionable!!!)

I am getting fed up, having to pay out daft money for tests and lessons, only to keep on failing for silly reasons.
I'm yet to pull out on anyone, or run a light, or even get minors for poor observation/signalling or the like, it's all just daft little things. SO frustrating!

My instructor is also getting fed up of my failing it seems, because he just can't work out what is going wrong when the test comes, and why I haven't passed already.

At the moment, I am so close to just giving up and calling it a day, I'm honestly not used to failing anything, and driving would make family life a million times easier, but at this rate I feel like it might never happen! I need some motivation again, because I cannot face going through it all again.

So... just wondering how many attempts it took you guys to pass, and any driving stories you might like to share?


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