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[ARCHIVE] Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4) (CM3!) - CLOSED

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:08 am
by kite
Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4)(CM3)

This is NOT the most recent order thread, and is left here for archive purposes only.

Thank you all for your support! If you missed out, enter your email in here and if I have extras/new orders you will get an email :)


Update 04/02/2018
Circuit Swords have arrived!! I am currently testing them in preparation for packaging! Shipping expected within the next 2 weeks :)

Minor update 12/01/2018
(PS this update hasn't been sent by email, the next email I send out will be "2 weeks until shipping" advanced warning :))

The CM3's shipped early, woohoo! I should have them on Monday. The screens and cables will be here next week too, the only thing waiting on are the PCBs .. they have produced some of them as tests and have all the pick and place machines configured now, full scale assembly has started and should be a couple of weeks and then shipping, so currently we're looking on track for end of Feb shipping :)

Here's a preview from the PCB house of a sample board, check out all the traces on the design that are visible, it's a complex beast and that's only the back side of it ;)


Update 12/12/2017
As an update everything seems to be going well, the CM3's have been ordered but are on back order with stock scheduled for Feb/March, so let's hope it's closer to Feb!!

As a BONUS, all orders will come with:
  • MUCH improved speaker (2W, 8ohm)
  • 14x14x6mm heatsink
  • PCB back button board (3D printed files required unless you love lots of glue, I'll post about this another time with pics when ready)

Hello! For those just joining, welcome! You're in for a great time! For those that have been here a while and know the drill, well you're in for a nice surprise! :) NOTE that the pictures below are of the working prototype, I've since changed the logos/name of it.


After a lot of work I'm ready to present my Circuit Sword (Original). This circuit board (sword!) features the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3, which gives quad core 1.2GHz greatness without requiring ANY soldering! I think this is amazing and the whole point of the compute module is for projects like this and this is the first designed specifically for the GBO :) I've decided to INCLUDE the CM3Lite (lite = no onboard storage, requires micro SD card) with the pre-order, and that is the primary factor for the price (it's still cheaper than using my old board + pi3 + adaper, and WAY easier..) which makes sense because you get more stuff ;)

This is a SIGNIFICANT upgrade on my previous "Super AIO" but yet it still looks familiar and shares a lot of the same great features, but everything has been improved! The main highlights are:
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 slot (CM3Lite INCLUDED in this pre-order!)
  • Mini HDMI out with display cloning
  • Audio adjustable with MODE + LEFT/RIGHT button combo
  • Built in Wifi (BT 4.0 included on board but not tested yet)
  • Single FPC between front and back halves of case (much easier to close/assemble/test)
  • USB C connector (easier to cut hole for, higher charge rates)
  • Battery connector accessible in battery bay
  • 1.5A Charger with better thermal releif
  • More powerful 'load balancing' when switching between USB and Battery power
  • ALL components moved to the back side
  • Many more subtle improvements
The size/shape is basically the same and will fit in an alreay modified shell (the pictures below show it in the one I did for the Pi3 guide). The case modification is exactly the same as in the current guides.

Build/Product Overview
Lots of imagesShow











To get a good idea of how the hardware modding is done, please read the getting started wiki: ... ng-Started

  • A full PCB that replaces an original console shell in order to run RetroPie
  • Main PCB fills the 'front' half of a shell
  • DPI LCD with support for 320x240 LCD (included)
  • Built in USB 2.0 HUB
  • Built in ATMEGA32u4 for buttons and joysticks
  • Supports the classic 'SNES' style button arrangement as well as the 'vertically aligned' style (MAYBE required for the 3DS joystick in the middle, the option is there..)
  • Built in 4x status LEDs (Power, Charging, Wifi on, Pi Activity) in the same place as the SUPER AIO
  • Built in 1.5A charger and load balance (play and charge at same time, you'll need a 2.5/3A charger to do this)
  • Built in efficient regulators (1.8v, 2.5, 3.3v and 5v)
  • Built in micro SD slot in contrast port
  • Built in 2.4W amplifier + headphone jack (with auto switch off when headphones plugged in)
  • Built in mini HDMI
  • Built in Over temperature fan enable (3.3V output)
  • Built in Safe shutdown, with low batt warning
  • Built in emergency shutdown (REALLY important if the Pi freezes or crashes as otherwise you'd have to disassemble to remove the power!)
  • Built in WIFI (with enable/disable by button combo)
  • Built in external full sized USB port in the 'EXT' slot
  • Built in USB C port for charging and uploading sketches to ATMEGA32u4 (cutout required to use this in a shell)
  • Additional 'mode' button to enable things like backlight adjustment, audio amp disable/enable, wifi enable/disable, etc (ideal to locate where the original barrel jack goes)
  • Supports a CM, CM3, or CM3L
  • The back half of shell is relatively untouched
Included bits
  • Full sized main board. Fully soldered, tested, and programmed
  • Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite
  • Back board (USB Port, Mini HDMI, Power switch connector, Mode button connector, L/R button connector)
  • 320x240 LCD (DPI, clear and bright!)
  • Board interlink cables
  • Speaker wire, joystick wire x2
  • Power switch board
  • Original sized speaker (+connector)
  • Heatsink (BONUS!)
  • Back board button PCB (BONUS! More info coming soon)
Note that a Micro SD card isn't included but there is a Micro SD slot available to use

Additional Parts Required
The following are needed to complete your build:
  • Case/enclosure - eBay/Aliexpress
  • Conductive button pads - eBay/Aliexpress
  • Additional buttons for X and Y - eBay/Aliexpress
  • Shoulder buttons - eBay/Aliexpress
  • ~3000mAh battery - eBay/Aliexpress/Dextech batt
  • JST battery cable - eBay/Aliexpress (search for "JST PH 2-Pin")
  • USB C charging cable - eBay/Aliexpress
  • Micro SD card
  • Screen surround -
  • Tools (Soldering iron with pointed tip (Adjustable temp + quality solder (the no clean type, not the roisin stuff!)), drill, dremel, sharp knife, kapton tape!)
  • (recommended) Mini fan + heatsink
  • (optional) Screen bracket -
How does this pre-order work? Is it here yet?
Pre-order will be open for a time duration with no limit on quantity. Here is a little timeline that will get updated over time to show the key dates (in DD/MM/YY):

Curent status: Pre-order closed!

[16/10/2017] Pre-order open!
[03/11/2017] Pre-order closes.
[10/11/2017] Number of orders and other components calculated, orders placed.
[01/02/2018] Boards + other components arrive (time to test them!)
[05/02/2018] Emails sent out to alert on impending shipping
[10/02/2018] Orders ready to ship
[17/02/2018] Tracking emails sent out <-- You are here

Will it really take this long? Yeah probably.. the last order was predicted for a similar time scale and that's exactly how it came out!

I will edit here when there are updates!

SHIPPING ONLY TO the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australlia, New Zealand, Brazil and Japan.

<buttons removed>

How does ordering work? I've changed my mind!
Payment is by PayPal, I have used the 'add to cart' functionality and when you click the buttons above it will take you to a PayPal cart (you can keep adding things to the cart if you come back to this page, I suggest 'right click -> open in a new tab/window'). PayPal offers full buyer protection, any issues please get in contact with me first!

PLEASE SET YOUR ADDRESS CORRECTLY! You will be charged if re-shipment is required due to incorrect address, so get it right :) If you change your address please email me but please try to plan ahead where possible! It is very time consuming having to change individual order addresses..

Full refunds on all pre-orders cancelled before pre-orders close. cancellations made after pre-orders close will not be processed.

All items are tested to ensure that they are in good working condtion before they are shipped, but should your item arrive damaged or faulty please contact (email) within 30 days to request a replacement/repair.

Shipping cost? Shipping time? Do you ship to XYZ?
Shipping is calculated at checkout, PayPal doesn't implement a nice set of shipping options (but only if you have a US seller account, go figure..) so prices are set at an international rate! Sorry UK people but I have to charge the full amount, refunds aren't possible due to time (they will arrive next day after posting tho!). ALL shipments are sent first class tracked by RoyalMail and will require a signature. Tracking information will make its way to you once shipped!

Shipping only to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Europe, Australlia, New Zealand, Brazil and Japan. (You will get a refund if you are not in one of these zones).

If you have any special postage requirements, please include in the order notes!

Build guide?
The new github wiki/repo is here: ... nics-Guide

A pre-made software image will also be made available which will include everything to help you get up and running quickly (including the ability to run a 'tester' program to help debug issues and prove everything is working correctly.

How do I do XYZ? Do I need XYZ? Do you recommend XYZ?
Read the user guide at the top of this post! To get the board working you NEED: Case, Buttons (+conductive pads), Battery, JST PH cable, uSD card. Anything additional to the list is up to you and use your imagination, this is your project after-all :) I won't be answering any 'can I use XYZ?', but if you use common sense you'll be able to work it out :) it is as simple as plugging in the module, connecting up the back board and cables, and powering on (with a lot of case modding in the middle!).

Personally, I recommend: No joysticks, don't do 640x480 LCD, L1 and R1 back buttons only, 4000mAh battery.

For a battery I would recommend a flat Li-ion or Li-Poly (lipo) that is 2500-3000mAh in size with a protection board built in (this will give 5-8hrs of playtime and 3hrs chargetime). Your best bet is eBay/Aliexpress.. FYI make sure the WIDTH of the battery is no bigger than 50mm otherwise it won't fit between the screw posts.. a good height is 55-60mm, and thickness can be anything up to 14mm I think. Check the forum as the battery isn't unique in this project, any battery that others have fitted WILL work here.. Don't use AA's or the lipo equivalent size one.. I wouldn't recommend anything bigger, but it's up to you I really don't mind what you do :D

This project is a DIY project, you will need to do some cutting and case modding, some soldering (not much though) and perhaps a bit of linux too, I will create a guide that will get you running, the rest is up to you :) this isn't a pre-made and it'll just work, it's still a project but I've taken all the electronic hard work (and risk of failure) out of the question for you :)

Warranty? What if I break it?
Where possible, I will help and identify what is wrong if it doesn't work for you. Every board is tested FULLY before shipping so I know it was working when posted. Any hardware defects on arrival will be fixed free of charge, and any user caused issues can be repaired for a fee (£45) I will repair and ship back to you working (shipping included, all inclusive regardless of problem, other than board snapped in half (we'll agree the terms before returning)).

Note that this is a DIY project, and you can do it with minimal experience! But you MUST follow the guide/video exactly to the letter.. if in doubt get someone to help, or select the 'solder service' and I'll take care of the soldering for you. 9/10 times projects like this are ruined by a poor soldering iron, and poor solder.. you need an ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE IRON, and GOOD SOLDER THAT CONTAINS FLUX (clean it off afterwards, if your solder leaves sticky red marks everywhere, BUY DIFFERENT SOLDER!!). Do not put the iron too high (if you see burning marks, it's too high.. test on something less valuable!). Practice soldering on something else, doing this as your first project is a bit of a risk!

CHECK THE BATTERY POLARITY BEFORE PLUGGING IN! No returns if you have done this and burnt anything out, as the pads are clearly marked. Reports from a previous user said that the board worked fine after this mistake (his battery had a protection circuit, which must have helped!).

If you have any questions, please READ this post and thread. If that doesn't answer your question then send a message on Discord, or send me an email and I'll answer the question in this FAQ :) This thread may get quickly filled with questions and repeats but that's ok! You can unsubscribe from this thread as all major updates you will get an email to your paypal email address :)

NOTE that I do not check forum PMs, anything to do with orders should go via email so that it can be tracked/searched/etc :)

Re: [PRE-ORDER] Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4) (CM3!) - OPEN

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:30 am
by moooarcuuuus
That blows my mind. 8-)

Re: [PRE-ORDER] Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4) (CM3!) - OPEN

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:31 am
by cobramike
Boom First post and ordered. Thanks Kite. Can't wait to receive mine.

Edit. Dawm seccond post.

Re: [PRE-ORDER] Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4) (CM3!) - OPEN

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:47 am
by Marascon
Boom placed an order, this rocks!

Re: [PRE-ORDER] Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4) (CM3!) - OPEN

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:47 am
by rankar
thanks man, incredible. i ordered a few :)

Re: [PRE-ORDER] Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4) (CM3!) - OPEN

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:59 am
by MickeyMustang
Damn. I have plenty of stuff for several builds but I just couldn't resist :D
Quite surprised by this board to be honest but thank you Kite for your work. Just awesome. We really appreciate it!

Re: [PRE-ORDER] Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4) (CM3!) - OPEN

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:00 am
by AustenFM
Hooolyyy--- *dead*

Re: [PRE-ORDER] Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4) (CM3!) - OPEN

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:11 am
by drlbradley
Thanks to whoever posted this to facebook :)

Re: [PRE-ORDER] Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4) (CM3!) - OPEN

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:37 am
by MiL0
This is amazing!

But please please please can you keep the preorders open until the last day of the month? Many of us get paid then, so I'm guessing you'll get a few more orders if you can wait a couple of days extra?

Re: [PRE-ORDER] Kite's Circuit Sword (Original) Pre-Order Thread (#4) (CM3!) - OPEN

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:42 am
by cobramike
MiL0 wrote:
Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:37 am
This is amazing!

But please please please can you keep the preorders open until the last day of the month? Many of us get paid then, so I'm guessing you'll get a few more orders if you can wait a couple of days extra?
Makes more sense. Here in the Netherlands we get paid last week of the month.