[SOLD] Kites's SAIO v0.5E1 + lots of stuff

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[SOLD] Kites's SAIO v0.5E1 + lots of stuff

Post by lab » Thu Mar 19, 2020 7:03 am

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Hey everybody.
As life progresses and I need to focus on other matters I'd like to sell one of Kite's first AIOS along with some additional stuff
- Kite's SAIO V0.5E1 with a raspberry Pi zero soldered on by Kite himself
- two speakers that may or may not be of correct size
- two Gameboy Enclosures bought new
- one GBZ-Screenprotector
- one 4-color SNES-Button-Set
- two no-name SNES controllers (for parts, and I liked the button colors)
- two 3000MAh LiPos
- one 5000MAh Lipo
- one 16GB MicroSD-Card

As I have not started this build, all is mint. But I do have to say the batteries haven't been touched since I've got them and that may or may not have been two years ago. Also, the Raspy-Zero soldered on is one without WiFi, but If my memory serves me right, then the Kite-Board has WiFi and Bluetooth built in.

In the package there are some additional Gameboys in various state of decay:
- Original Gameboy no. 1 with some columns of nonfunctional pixels on the right and left and without screen protector and slightly yellowed and quite used enclosure. Comes with a LightBoy(tm)
- Original Gameboy no. 2 with even more missing pixel-columns and an even more yellowed enclosure
- Original Gameboy no. 3 with only one missing pixel-column and an enclosure that is almost un-yellowed, but still shows sign of heavy use.
The Gameboys have all been started for picture-taking purpose and I can confirm they all have working sound.

Shipping is out of Switzerland, and I hope I can make it to the post-office before any corona-cerfew might be announced. I'll ship to anywhere within Europe, payment can be done by Paypal G&S

As for the price: well, ahm.. Let's say that I don't really know. I'd like to get something back for it, but clearly progress has been made on this front and the CM3 found a home in Kite's newes SAIO.
I'd say €100.- for the lot excluding shipping and paypal might be fair, but I'm open to suggestions from the community.

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Re: [FOR SALE] Kites's SAIO v0.5E1 + lots of stuff

Post by Stek692003 » Thu Mar 19, 2020 8:36 am

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Re: [SOLD] Kites's SAIO v0.5E1 + lots of stuff

Post by lab » Fri Mar 20, 2020 2:18 am



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