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Post by sgtgrumbles » Wed Oct 16, 2019 8:55 pm

timemaster wrote:
Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:45 am
This is interesting, thanks! It means you can run the original unpatched version with this change, right?
Yep! No need to patch the code -- just change the fb mode before/after running pcsx-rearmed. Although, this doesn't fix the controller HAT problem [1].

BTW, I saw you submitted a pull request against notaz's libpicofe to add support for gamepad HATs [2]. Thanks for doing that! I used it for my SAIO build [3]. For what it's worth, your joymap solution was pretty clever! I used joymap extensively to get random DosBox and C64 games running (being able to program button macros and arbitrary input logic is a killer feature. I just wish some of the bugs between versions were worked out and more people would use it).

[1] For those that haven't tried using pcsx-rearmed with Kite's SAIO -- not lr-pcsx-rearmed, which is slow, but the faster, non-Libretro original code by notaz -- you'll find that the d-pad doesn't work. This is because the Arduino USB gamepad in the SAIO identifies as a HAT device, which pcsx-rearmed doesn't seem to support at the moment.


[3] I re-compiled pcsx-rearmed using the libpicofe HAT patch (specifically, I added the changes to frontend/libpicofe/in_sdl.c). Here's the corresponding config values for /opt/retropie/emulators/pcsx-rearmed/.pcsx/pcsx.cfg, which you'll need to modify using a keyboard or by SSH'ing into your device:

Code: Select all

binddev = sdl:Arduino LLC Arduino Leonardo
bind \xA5 = Enter Menu
bind \xA0 = player1 CIRCLE
bind \xA1 = player1 CROSS
bind \xA2 = player1 SQUARE
bind \xA3 = player1 TRIANGLE
bind \xA4 = player1 START
bind \xA7 = player1 L1
bind \xA9 = player1 R1
bind up = player1 UP
bind down = player1 DOWN
bind right = player1 RIGHT
bind left = player1 LEFT

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