Joystick PSP moves anywhere but not where I want

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Joystick PSP moves anywhere but not where I want

Post by Kayumba » Sat Mar 28, 2020 6:29 pm

Hello Kite,

My PSP joystick are make me mad !
Its always goes to the left side, or down .
If I will touch once to the left, it's will go to the left like if I touched 10 times.
Same thing if I push to down.
Its very random.
Up direction do not works or works bu moves me to the left.
Only right side works good.
If I dont touch, nothing happened (no bug).
When I tri to configurate Joystick via Emulationstation, its says that Left joystick DOWN is already in use.

I tried to enable/deactivate via Terminal, invert size...etc

Here is my config:

Code: Select all

Mode pressed: 0
Wifi enabled: 1
Backlight:    100%

Amp enabled:            1
Current volume:         100%
Digital rocker enabled: 0
Analog volume enabled:  0
Analog volume adc:      301

JOY 1 enabled: 1 - (X: 423 Y:139)
  JOY 1 X invert: 0
  JOY 1 Y invert: 0
JOY 2 enabled: 0 - (X: 89 Y:0)
  JOY 2 X invert: 0
  JOY 2 Y invert: 0

My Joystick soldered right, like in this post: ... =51&t=9086

Can you help, please?


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