Screen bracket with shoulder button standoff in middle screw holes.

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Re: Screen bracket with shoulder button standoff in middle screw holes.

Post by jakejm79 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:35 am

I think the alignment of the L/R buttons is going to vary from case to case. I see it looks like you had to shift yours towards the bottom of the case. I had modified the stl a little to shift them up since on my case they were too far down. I'm thinking it has more to do with the repro cases rather than the bracket.

The easiest way to get them aligned I have found is to put the caps on, then super glue on the bottom of the buttons and close up the case, this way the buttons can settle into the correct position before the glue sets.

Maybe I should just remove the lip on the buttons supports (I had placed it there to help keep the buttons in place when gluing) but it seems like the case to case variances are making it hard to get the exact alignment dialed in, with no lips you'd have more freedom to move the switches around.

I've also found that sometimes the curve on the case can interfere with the centering of the switches, that is why I suggested the 11mm ones, it allows them to sit a bit deeper in the case yet have the same amount sticking out the hole, by sitting deeper they are back from the curve and it makes it easier to close the case.

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