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Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 2:26 pm
by goosewerks
Hey all,

Sharing my project for all to print and use. It started out as a demonstration on how to use CAD (Inventor Professional) in my Engineering class at my old high school for my students. I started with the technical drawing of the Raspberry Pi3b and designed the case around the Pi3.

The design is slip together and requires multiple parts to be glued together; I recommend CA glue and a well ventilated area.

The top and bottom shells will take awhile to print but can be printed with little to no support materials needed. The bottom shell was changed to have a shelf for a power plug (USB C, Micro USB, etc) breakout.

The controller port is designed to have standard USB plugs added; I plan to design it further so that it has screw bosses and there is a bar that goes behind the ports and screws down.

HDMI and SD card are accessible though the HDMI port needs a plug that doesn't have much rubber around it.

The power button is made to use a latching switch and the open & reset buttons are made to use a 12x12mm tactile switch which fits in the rear covers to expose the legs for soldering. The open button can be mapped to whatever you'd like; the reset can be soldered directly to the reset pins. I use the power latching switch in line from the power plug so that it is a hard power cutoff.

I'll be updating the design as it improves and as I receive feedback on my Thingiverse. All designs are always shared for everyone because anything dealing with emulation should be open sourced.

Latching switch Thingiverse Link