Visual Memory Unit - Dreamcast

General chat about the VMµ project (Raspberry Pi Zero inside a Sega Dreamcast VMU) goes here!
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Re: Visual Memory Unit - Dreamcast

Post by moosepr » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:41 am

abrugsch wrote:Ha I forgot about this part of the convo... but only a day or two after talking about this, one came up for sale in a japan retro group I'm in. wasn't silly money either! I didn't have it though so it's still safe ;)
oooh more projects!!! i did have a look on ebay and could find a few for reasonable money. They are on the edge of being too small, and the button layout is a bit restrictive
Get a small cheep LCD in your project
Wrap it all round a battery
Or use a custom PCB to make it really small
or make it really really really really tiny!!

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