USB controllers disabled?

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USB controllers disabled?

Post by zeropoint97 » Mon Mar 22, 2021 12:19 pm

Would love to add a usb controller, but i'm having issues. I'm aware the USB connection is only 3v and I have connected a powered USB hub. WiFi adaptors, keyboards etc all work great. But where retropie would normally recognise a controller, I'm getting nothing. USB pad is showing as powered. Under the command terminal, pressing buttons shows that inputs are definitely recognised. Also the controller settings just don't exist under retropie options like they have been deliberately removed. Is this an easy fix I can change in a configuration file? Or are controllers disabled to prevent issues with something unrelated? I had a project I really wanted to complete and failed at the first hurdle. In fact I was stupid enough to start the build before checking if controllers worked, I just assumed as it was essentially retropie it would work! Any help really appreciated, thanks!!!

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