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Failed test - SHDN “ON” and LCD test

Posted: Mon Feb 14, 2022 5:28 pm
by Alienxdroid
I’ve put together my Gem and have gotten to the point where the test loops the SHDN on and LCD Test forever.
I’ve tested the SHDN Gpio for continuity and it doesn’t look to have shorted to ground or any other pin around it. what’s the next step? Shouldn’t SHDN be set to off and when I turn the pwr switch to off it should have turned off, it didn’t it brought the menu up.
0906CD77-8536-4149-B20D-E2164C932A9B.jpeg (2.79 MiB) Viewed 82402 times
C404AF93-B304-4CA9-A1B7-7FB170A54829.jpeg (2.52 MiB) Viewed 82402 times
81176D5A-298A-4ED7-A39D-DC99BC32AABB.jpeg (2.89 MiB) Viewed 82402 times
Oh I’ve also tried to boot it for 10 min in normal mode and it won’t. The pboot is green.