SNES Zero Controller

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SNES Zero Controller

Post by DynaMight » Tue Feb 16, 2021 3:04 pm

I originally started off with a 3D printed bottom cover that easily fitted a Pi Zero but it was quite bulky and I couldnt find a well matching grey filament.

I ended up using the original bottom, trimming quite a bit out and modding a full sized USB port for 2 player action if required. I probably wouldnt had bothered if I knew how much of a pain it was gonna be get it into OTG mode without a OTG cable!

The Pi is powered over HDMI, which I mostly borrowed from this guide: I still used an original SNES controller board tho.

I did try to locate a very small Mini HDMI cable to fit in the controller case, I thought I got one but it was still too big and fell apart when I started to trim it. I did find another on Amazon, which I think would had fitted however had plenty of bad reviews about the cables being overly stiff and the cable detaching quite easily from the end. Lets face it, its a controller, you wanna be able to wind the cable around the controller! I ended up hot snotting a Mini>Full size HDMI convertor in there. Doesnt look very well finished but can be detached and you dont notice it when playing.

I did realise how badly the latest RetroPie runs on Pi Zero's, ES very slow. I went back, started with 4.1, which ran well but ES was very bare bones, lots of missing features. Ended up settling with 4.3, has most of the latest ES features inc Favs/Collections etc, feels like the latest ES but also runs pretty smooth.
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