SAIO: mode button grounded

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SAIO: mode button grounded

Post by Vleerik » Tue Dec 07, 2021 6:33 am

I'm (finally) working on my SAIO (v0.6c)-based GBZ project.

During testing everything seemed to work well, but having put everything together I ran into a problem with the buttons not working.
Based on what I found on this forum, I managed to deduce that the issue was a permanent connection of the MODE-button, as the D-pad up/down does change the brightness.

Having concluded this, I took my trusty multimeter and first tested the switch, finding no resistance between the MODE and the GND. Then I unplugged the switched and tested resistance between the GND and the MODE on the small PCB with the volume button: No resistance.
I then unplugged the small PCB and measured again at the main PCB, at the other end of the cable. Once again the resistance between MODE and GND indicated 0.00 (setting was on 20K Ohms).

I then decided to check the MODE with the GND from the Raspi: same result. In general, comparing the resistance between the MODE line (at the plug for the small PCB) with the different GPIO pins of the raspi gave the exact same indications as when comparing GND with the same pins.

My conclusion: somewhere the GND and the MODE are short-circuiting. I have, however, no idea where.
Who can point me in the right direct, to help me figure it out so I can try to fix the problem.

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