Rodocop's Gaboze Pocaio

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Re: Rodocop's Gaboze Pocaio

Post by rodocop » Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:25 am

Trekintosh wrote:
Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:36 pm
I love the blue one in particular. The "stealth" X and Y buttons were a great touch, it looks pretty much stock at first glance.
Thanks, I really like how the buttons turned out on that one. I just used what buttons I had on hand, and it seemed to work out perfect!
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Re: Rodocop's Gaboze Pocaio

Post by crealdocsnyder » Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:09 pm

Did you have any problems mounting the screen? I am pretty sure that I did nothing wrong in my build but when testing, the screen doesn't switch on. My power LED works and I can see that the Pi also is powering on. I tried two screens already and now I'm sorta out of ideas

EDIT: nevermind. Found the issue this morning by accident. I plugged in the USB-cable and the connector broke loose. I pressed it back into position and the screen lit up.

My prototype Gaboze is done now but I've made some mistakes that turned out to have frustrating effects.

1.) I didn't read the info about positioning the screen properly. Now it's too far to the right. Looks really dumb.
2.) volume is way too low and has a tinny sound. no idea what the problem is there. The components all look fine to me
3.) worst of all: I managed to mess up the position of the Pi too. I again didn't read the instructions correctly and soldered it onto the header pins while it was not pushed down far enough. I also forgot to put kapton tape on the header feet before soldering the Pi. This combined with a very cheaply made chinese housing made closing it up a nightmare. I had to keep cutting off parts of the shell to make it close. Oh and probably because I did a bad job at soldering, the Gaboze randomly shuts off.

Bonus:) colors on the screen look a bit off and whenever I enter a config menu, I can't select any option and can't get out anymore :lol:

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