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Post by codeman0624 » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:01 pm

The latest version of the GBA-SPi Zero AIO kit is available for Pre-Order!!


This is what you get in the kit:
  • The AIO board - this contains everything you need to get the whole thing working!
  • Blank game cartridge
  • GBA-SP speaker
  • Volume slider and plastic cap
  • USB port
  • Headphone jack
  • Screen ribbon cable
  • Pin headers for assembly
The above picture is of the v1.0 board. The pre-order is for v1.1, which is much improved in terms of ease of assembly! But it will look slightly different than the board pictured above.

Benefits of using this AIO kit:
  • No finicky wiring to try to fit in the tiny SP shell, everything is already there
  • Everything incorporated into the circuit board, creating a very compact design allowing for a large battery to be installed -> Longer play time!
  • I2S audio driver sounds much better than the normal PWM output
  • Headphone jack option! Automatically switches between headphone and speaker operation
  • Safe shutdown is performed using the normal SP power switch
  • Battery monitoring is performed using a dedicated IC, which is much more accurate than the normal voltage measurement method
  • On screen battery indicator can be toggled on and off using the brightness button
  • Red LED will turn on when battery is low, will begin blinking when critically low
  • Hold the brightness button for 2 seconds, the blue LED will begin blinking, and the up and down D pad buttons become brightness control for the screen. Hold the brightness button again to return to normal.
  • Full size USB port! Allows you to plug in a keyboard to change WiFi passwords, or use a USB stick to transfer ROMs
  • Power circuitry allows you to play and charge at the same time
This is an example of the final result you can expect. But the best part about this kit is how flexible the build can be! The sudomod community is very creative, so I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone can do for different builds, and how to handle the X and Y buttons. The way I did it is not the only way, you can do your own method and do a better job than me! One of the biggest benefits of this kit is build flexibility.
Example GBA-SPi ZeroShow

There is also a manual for how to build the GBA-SPi:
Build Manual for v1.0

The newest version up for pre-order is v1.1, which makes soldering the micro-usb power board, and USB port boards much easier, and makes the volume slider more secure. It will also include a drill guide for where to put the X and Y button holes. Keep this in mind when reviewing the v1.0 build manual! The manual describes the additional pieces required to complete this build.

This pre-order will stay open for 3 weeks, or until my initial limit of 20 boards is reached, whichever happens first. This is a pre-order, the boards are not built yet so they will not ship immediately. When the pre-order is over, I will contact everyone with an expected timeline for board deliveries. If this round of orders goes smoothly, I will open other pre-orders in the future.


Thanks everyone for taking a look! This is a very creative community, I look forward to seeing what everyone can do with this kit.

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