audio issues - low volume

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audio issues - low volume

Post by sdcrytek » Tue Dec 03, 2019 7:26 pm

Hey everybody!

its been a long time since I last posted. Some life events happened and I had to put off this project. This weekend, I finally got everything working 100% EXCEPT audio.

I am using tinkerboy 2.0.01 and went off the wiring diagrams on the site.I did not use an audio amp (is that my issue?) since i did not see one in the wiring diagrams on tinkerboy's website. I do hear audio, but its so low that barely hear it. Once i figure out the audio, I'll put the rest of the stuff in place before i close the case up

Steps that i took to resolve the issue.
1. I found that when i soldered the bridge, the audio got worse. So i desoldered it and the noise stopped but the volume stayed the same.
2. I saw on the forum that it could be that I did not have the 5v hooked up (which i didnt). So i hooked up the 5v with the powerboost 1000c but it made no difference.
3. I looked at this page ... ing-guide/ and added that to my config file but no bueno.

I feel like I am missing something so simple but I need a fresh pair of eyes. Can someone help out?
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