mintyPi 2.0 screen: some good news and some bad news

The bad news first:

  • The 2.2” screen I used has proved to be very difficult to get ahold of.  It was available all over the place when I started this project a couple months ago, but it looks like supplies have about dried up and multiple suppliers in China (which is about the only place you can get it) have indicated that this part won’t be stocked anymore.
  • 2.4” screens are much easier to get ahold of, but the board that comes attached to those screens is just too big to fit in the parts I designed for the lid.  I could make it just barely fit, but the screw holes won’t be symmetrical, and the screen will be off-center, which is gross.  There’s just no way around it – here’s a 3d-print of one of the 2.4″ screens as I don’t have one in-hand yet:

The good news:

  • The bare 2.4” screens (meaning no pre-attached board) are widely available and can be bought cheaply, even in bulk (as well as one at a time).  It should fit very nicely (even better than the 2.2” version) with some slight modifications to the bezel design.
  • The solution Helder and I came up with was to use the bare 2.4” LCDs, along with a small custom board.  He and I both have 2.4” screens on the way for testing, and should have the designs for the screen board finished in the next few days.  This will let us connect the screen to the pi using a nice, clean ribbon cable.

More bad news:

  • This means we’re still probably a few weeks out from having everything ready.
  • There won’t be a custom screen add-on with ribbon cable for the 2.2” screen (you’ll have to use wires like I showed in my mintyPi 2.0 video)

More good news:

  • I’ll still have the 3d-printed parts for the 2.2” version available (as well as the STL files to print it yourself or use a service like Shapeways), and the wiring for the 2.2” screen is the same as the 2.4” screen.  So if you did manage to get ahold of a 2.2” screen and you’re ok with that size, don’t worry.
  • Once we get all this sorted out, we should have a nice, clean and easy solution for putting an even bigger screen in mintyPi 2.0!  Or should it be mintyPi 2.4?  😀

Sorry for all the delays/setbacks in getting all this ready for you guys (I should really have learned to expect it by now) but it should be worth the wait!  In the meantime here’s a thread you can watch for more news/updates or ask questions:

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