mintyPi Tips, Updates, and Giveaways!

More and more mintyPi builds have been popping up on Instagram/Facebook and the forums, which is awesome!  But there have been a few common issues that I’ve noticed people running into, particularly with getting the screen working.  So I made a video showing some ways to troubleshoot/fix those issues, and give a few other updates (including how you can WIN a mintyPi put together by yours truly!

Here are a few links that I mention in the video:

Helder’s parts which are now back in stock:

3D-Printed parts, which now come in black and transparent too:

Pocket Legion on youtube:

Fix for dim (or not coming on at all) backlight:

Thread about properly aligning the screen ribbon cable:

Another giveaway by Lphillimore on the forums:

As always, if you need help with something (or want to show off a project), stop by the forums at

And as mentioned in the video, you can enter to win a mintyPi below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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