Switch Lite Wireless Charging Backack, Monitor Stand and June Update

Switch Lite Wireless Charging Backpack:

You can purchase prints for this in the sudomod shop, and the STL file is currently on Patreon, and will be added to thingiverse in a couple weeks. The wireless charging receiver I used is this one here. As I mention in the video, I haven’t had any issues so far with it but use this at your own risk!

Monitor Stand with Wireless Charging Pad:

The wireless charging pad I used is this one. You’ll also need a board 185mm deep and ~19.5mm thick (length can be whatever you like within reason really). You’ll also need a few screws: 3/4″ wood screws for the left end-cap and underside, and >3″ for the right side (those screws go through the charging pad tray so they need to be much longer), and then some M2 screws for screwing the wireless charging board into the 3d-printed tray.

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