RetroPie 4.1 and WiFi Adapter

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RetroPie 4.1 and WiFi Adapter

Post by Lamanity » Sun Dec 04, 2016 4:12 am

Just finished assembling my game boy zero and installing RetroPie 4.1.

I'm trying to connect my WiFi adapter to my home network with no luck. I'm unable to see any WiFi networks. I verified my adapter is Linux compatible and its compatible with my WiFi WPA2 encryption. I tried entering my connection info into the Hidden Network option but no joy.

Do i need to modify some files or install a driver? This is my first build and I'm not too familiar with Linux so a link to a very helpful guide would be a huge help.

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Re: RetroPie 4.1 and WiFi Adapter

Post by jellybelly » Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:33 pm

i had issue with my wifi turned out the usb hub wasnt powering it would only work one thing

worth a thought

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Re: RetroPie 4.1 and WiFi Adapter

Post by Spruc3Moose » Tue Dec 06, 2016 3:01 pm

I used this, found it in retropie forum:

network setup

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo

iface lo inet loopback
iface eth0 inet dhcp

allow-hotplug wlan0
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp
wpa-ssid "NETWORK_NAME"

wireless-power off

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