Recommended tools for getting into electronics (and QuadHands giveaway!)

This is a question I get asked a lot so I thought I would answer it.  🙂 Here are the tools and accessories I would recommend for anyone wanting to get into electronics!  Enter to win a set of QuadHands at the bottom of the page (thanks again, QuadHands people!).

Tools/accessories shown in the video (Amazon affiliate links):

898D+ Soldering Station:
QuadHands helping hands:
Hobby Creek helping hands:
Super cheap helping hands:
Silicone soldering mat:
Neoteck 8233D Digital Multimeter:
Solder sucker:
Desoldering braid:
QuadHands soldering iron tip cleaner:
Soldering iron tip tinner/cleaner:
Breadboard with jumper wires:


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