sudomod Community Competition (and Arduino Crash Course)

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Forum thread with everything you need to know about the competition

Code samples from the video

Board and sensors used in the video (affiliate links):
HiLetgo ESP32:
PIR sensor (different brand but should work the same):
Sound sensor (different brand but should work the same):
Temperature/altitude/barometric pressure sensor:
Smoke sensor:

ESP32 links:
Pinout for board (and other info):
Driver for USB-UART chip:

Other resources:
Pull-up resistors:
Learning to code:  or  are both great.  I think most people start learning to code with Javascript these days, which should be a great starting point.


If you get an error similar to this: “arduino [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/dev/ttyUSB0′” then check out this post on the forums from obsidianspider:

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