ESP32-powered Programmable Neopixel Lamp

Win a fancy set of Psiven helping hands here:

Stuff I used in the video:

Arduino code:

STL files for printing:

ESP32 board:

Helping hands from Psiven:

Adafruit’s Neopixels:

Push Plastic High-heat PLA:

Push Plastic Wood-fill PLA:


Other links:

NeoPixelBus library (if you’re using an ESP32 or ESP8266):

Adafruit NeoPixel Library (if you’re using something else):

FlexiColorPicker javascript color picker library:

Async Web Server library for ESP8266/ESP32:

Text to C string converter:

Current time API:

Daylight info API:

Image to C string converter:

ArduinoJson library:


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